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Discover the lifelong benefits of being part of a like-minded community that supports your family values and prepares your child for success both now and in the future. 


An education you can trust.

Are you growing increasingly uncomfortable with what your children are learning in the public school system? Are you tired of classes that lean toward indoctrination instead of investigation? Making educational choices for your children can be an overwhelming part of parenting—especially when it feels like you’re running out of options. 

At Wilson Hill, we believe education can be so much more. 

Imagine knowing you’re a respected partner in your children’s education and that your voice matters. What if you could have a meaningful relationship with your children’s educators and feel confident that your children are learning from a biblical worldview every day? Instead of wasting time on busywork, your children could develop a love of learning as they practice critical thinking skills and thoughtfully engage with the world around them. 

We’ve helped thousands achieve this from the comfort of their home and finally find an educational model that allows the entire family to thrive. 

Grab your free guide to see how you can transform your family life while preparing your children to live obedient, fruitful lives in the service of God and man. 

What's Inside

We’ve spent years developing a model that helps students flourish academically and spiritually. And now, we want to share it with you.

Discover how...

  • Carefully sequenced curriculum prepares your child for college
  • Instruction from a biblical worldview gives students the framework to view the world
  • Discussion-based classes teach students how to think, not what to think
  • Master teachers who love God, love their subjects and love their students equip your children to live purposefully for the kingdom of Christ
  • Students around the world build life-long friendships through online and in-person extracurricular clubs, field trips and more
  • Live online classes enable your children to learn wherever you have an internet connection
  • Being part of a like-minded community transforms families like yours

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